Capital Markets: A trip around Bonds

October 26, 2022

The American and the Argentine Markets compared

October 26 to November 30
6 sessions (1.5 h each /9h in total)
1 sesión semanal de 1.5 horas
Plataforma Zoom y aula virtual con el material del curso y material extra para trabajo independiente fuera de clase.
Horarios: miércoles 18.30 a 20.00
Trainers: Lic. Prof. Virginia López Grisolía y Trad. Prof. Cecilia Saavedra
Honorarios: 18.800$ por persona
Vacantes limitadas: máximo 8 participantes

Nota: todos los talleres descriptos cuentan con el 20% de descuento para la Cámara de Agentes de Bolsa.

Course Contents
What is a BOND? Defining and issuing Bonds. Floating bonds. Fixed-income securities.
Types of Bonds. Corporate bonds. Treasury Bonds. Municipalities. Yankee bonds The Life of Bonds: short, intermediate and long -term bonds. The yield curve. Yield to maturity. Making money with bonds: capital appreciation and interest payments. The Coupon rate. At a par, at a discount and at a premium. Bearer bonds. Book entry bonds. A baby Bond. Rating Bonds. Downgrading. A fallen angel. Figuring a bond’s worth. Buying and trading Bonds. Municipal Bonds. Revenue Bonds. Bond Offerings. US Treasury Bonds, Notes and Bills. Securitization. Asset-backed bonds. Debentures. Mortgage-backed Bonds. Pre-refunded Bonds. Subordinated Bonds. Senior Bonds. Floating-rate bonds. Convertible bonds. A sinking Fund. Callable Bonds. The bond redemption. Zero-coupon Bonds. Agency bonds.

Duration: 9hs/6 sessions of 1.5 each

Start date: Wed, Oct 26
Finish date: Wed, No 30

Nuestro expertise en los últimos 30 años: especialistas en Mercado de Capitales, Bolsa y Finanzas

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