Capital Markets: A trip around DERIVATIVES

February 22, 2023
  • 6 sesiones (1.5 h semanal /9 h en total)
  • Plataforma Zoom y aula virtual con el material del curso y material extra para trabajo independiente fuera de clase
  • Horario: miércoles 18.30 a 20.00
  • Trainer: Prof. Cecilia Saavedra
  • Vacantes limitadas: máximo 8 participantes
  • Fecha de comienzo: miércoles 8 de marzo

Course Contents

Sesión 1:

  • Introduction to Derivatives: what are derivatives?
  • A World of Options: Types of option contracts, The value of options
  • Options Trading: what to achieve before you begin a trade

Sesión 2:

  • Underlying Options: Choosing the underlying stock

Sesión 3:

  • Hedging and Speculating: Acting Bullish; Feeling Bearish
  • Finding and Exit: Leaving an options position
  • Index Options: Collective Performance

Sesión 4:

  • Options Chains: Bid and Ask

Sesión 5:

  • Futures: Setting Expectations. Leverage and Risk
  • Futures Contracts. The Language of Futures
  • Hedgers and speculators: risk avoiders and risk takers can benefit

Sesión 6:

  • Options Strategies: Going long; Going short
  • Researching Options: Investigating before investing
  • How Futures Trading Works: Hedgers and speculators are in the market together.
  • Consumable Commodities: the futures market
  • Financial Commodities: Stocks, bonds and currencies

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